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A hands-on approach to healing.


You, like most people, are probably familiar with what massage is: hands on pressure applied to the body in different ways to help relieve tension or pain. AND it’s a whole lot more – which is why we have two highly trained therapists at Melville Osteopathy with very distinct and complementary treatment styles. Our massage therapists are both highly qualified and work alongside all of the other practitioners at Melville Osteopathy to give you a well coordinated treatment and management plan.

At Melville Osteopathy we also have a specialised pregnancy massage cushion that allows you to lie comfortably on your front right up to the end of your pregnancy. Our massage therapists are both experienced in pregnancy massage, which can be a great way to help mums-to-be with back pain, swelling, carpal tunnel and shoulder pain while ensuring that there is optimum safety to both mother and baby.

How can Massage Help?

It can be used in the treatment of pain, stress and a wide range of conditions including but not limited to:

  • Tight muscles
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Joint stiffness and aches 
  • Reduce nervous tension
  • Stress relief
  • Promote wellbeing 
  • Aid muscle recovery and reduce symptoms of exercise related soreness 
  • Support lymphatics, circulation and skin health

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Remedial massage is a focused manual treatment method for musculo-skeletal complaints – it may be especially useful if you have particular muscle tension or chronic pain. It incorporates massage and other manual techniques to go deep into the tissues and help your body to relax, clear out tension and build new balance. Think soften and release.


At your first appointment your massage therapist will take your health history – particularly in relation to the presenting complaint – and use postural observation, palpation, movement assessment and/or special tests to make an assessment as to the best way to proceed with hands on massage therapy treatment.

We will also suggest if and when further massage therapy treatment is required, or if a different modality is going to be more suitable, referring you where necessary.

We use massage therapy with a range of selected manual techniques to help reduce tension in the tissues and promote healing. We may also offer suggestions for exercises and stretches, movement or posture adjustments or changes to aspects of your lifestyle that may be contributing to the issue.


We use a range of techniques including deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, remedial massage, sports massage, cupping, skin scraping, kinesio taping and muscle energy techniques.


To qualify, remedial massage therapists must complete a diploma in remedial massage therapy, which includes theory in anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology as well as practical hours.

Our remedial massage therapists in Perth are registered with ANTA (Australia’s national regulating body for the profession) and their services are claimable through private health insurance. Part of this registration includes the obligation to continue with ongoing education and skill maintenance and our therapists are continually seeking ongoing learning opportunities.

THERAPEUTIC (with Cristina Galvez)

Therapeutic massage is a generalised manual treatment blending traditional massage and other techniques. It is used to support people in relaxing and nourishing their nervous system to support healing in the musculo-sketal system as well as other areas such as mild digestive issues, constipation, menstrual cramps, sleep difficulties and emotional balance. Think nurture and restoration.


Cristina will start a treatment with taking a health history (general health as well as your presenting complaint) and use hands on touch to determine where areas of stress or imbalance might be in the body. She’ll also use observation of posture, body language, skin and constitution in her assessments and develop a treatment approach.

Treatment plan discussions might also include suggestions around lifestyle and diet if these may be contributing to the presenting issues.

Cristina will then treat using a range of massage techniques from both Western and Eastern traditions, starting with a soft tissue to help your body relax and get your energy and circulation moving moving shifting to to deep tissue as appropriate. She also uses passive and gentle joint movement to improve circulation and range of motion.


Techniques Cristina enjoys using include: Swedish massage, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Acu-pressure style massage and Zen style Shiatsu (Japanese style massage on a futon where undressing is not required).


Cristina is a qualified naturopath and has studied both western massage and eastern shiatsu massage therapy (which uses the Traditional Chinese Medicine system of energy lines or meridians that run through the body).

She is currently completing a Bachelor of Health Science in Acupuncture.

Cristina is ANTA registered massage therapist in Perth  since 2001. We are no longer able to offer rebates through private health insurance for therapeutic massage since the legislative changes to Private Health Insurance rebates were introduced in April 2019.

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