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Do I need a referral from my GP?

No. Osteopaths are qualified primary health practitioners, and although we mainly treat the musculoskeletal system, we are also trained in neurological, orthopaedic, and physical examination. We are happy to discuss and manage your condition working alongside your GP.

What will happen in my first consulation?

During the initial consultation, your practitioner will take a detailed history of your presenting complaint as well as any other relevant details in your medical history. We like to have a good overall picture of your general health and well being, so bringing along any X Rays or CT scans can be helpful. We will then proceed to diagnosing and assessing your body, in search for the cause of your symptoms. Once this is completed, provided it is safe to do so, we will follow with treatment. The first consultation usually takes about an hour, and at the end of this we may give you some advice on home stretching, exercises or posture, diet and lifestyle changes. We will also recommend when we would like to follow up with you at this stage.

Can I claim with my private health insurance?

Yes. Most health funds will cover Osteopathy, Massage and Acupuncture under your extras. Many funds differ with what they will cover, the rebate amounts per consultation and how much you can claim per year. It’s best to get the item numbers from us and call your provider to find out what your level of cover offers if you want to plan ahead.

Should I wait for a problem to arise before seeking treatment?

Osteopaths work a little like human mechanics. A ‘tune-up’ for your body supports you to function well, meaning problems are less likely to occur. Therefore preventative treatment can be very beneficial, addressing any minor dysfunctions before symptoms arise.

How much treatment will I need for my presenting complaint?

Many factors may impact on the response to treatment of your presenting problem. These may include your age, fitness and other lifestyle factors as well as the nature of your complaint. Usually a problem that is acute in nature will take approximately 2 to 3 treatments, while chronic or long standing problems may take longer.

Who can be treated?

Osteopathy can treat a wide range of people from very young babies to the elderly. Our treatment approach varies considerably depending on what you, the patient, will need: our methods range from very gentle articulation, Cranio-sacral and soft tissue techniques to the more traditional firmer manipulation style.

I would like to speak to someone before making my appointment…

While we are quite busy consulting in our rooms throughout most of the day if you would like to speak to us directly the best time to call is in the morning. Our friendly receptionist staff are available from 9-1pm & 2.30 – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday or you can email [email protected]. They are happy to answer what questions they can or pass on messages for practitioners if you want to discuss your complaint in more detail before booking or coming in for a consultation.

Do you treat babies?

Yes. Dr Anna Myers, Osteopath and Dr Martine Ursnik have a special interest in this field and some of our other Osteopaths also treat babies so it’s best to call and ask who is available. The treatment of babies uses very gentle but effective techniques such as Cranio-sacral, balanced ligamentous tension and myofascial release.

Do you offer Cranio-sacral Osteopathy?

Yes. Cranio-sacral Osteopathy is a very gentle and subtle approach to treating the body. As not all of our practitioners treat in this way, ensure you ask for someone who is experienced in this area while booking your appointment. All practitioners who treat with Cranio-sacral techniques regularly participate in ongoing learning and courses in this field.

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