Cristina GalvezAcupuncturist / Massage / Naturopath

    Acupuncturist / Massage Therapist / Naturopath

    Resident healthy mum-in-charge Cristina aspires to live in a world where people care as much as possible for themselves as well as each other. This year she hopes to keep successfully juggling a busy schedule of study, family, work and the all-important Sunday morning delicious-pancake-preparation.

    Cristina has been working at Melville Osteopathy for almost ten years as a Naturopath, Massage therapist and Shiatsu practitioner.  Cristina has a strong affinity with touch therapy modalities. Having completed a Graduate Diploma in Natural Medicines she did further study in 2003 in Shiatsu  – a massage technique using the Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian system, performed on a futon. She recently completed a post graduate in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture due to her interest in the mental health and emotional aspects of her patients’ overall health and well being.

    When she’s not at the clinic you’ll find her down by the river walking her dogs or practicing Qigong, or at a school recital cheering on her two children and showering them in hugs.  She also admits to a penchant for a late night salsa twirl or two.

    Employing such a broad span of training, Cristina likes to treat with a mixture of modalities, following an intuitive approach to suit the patients presenting needs on the day.  Her most popular “combination” consultation combines massage, acupuncture and cupping leaving her patients feeling balanced and energised.

    Treatment Style: Soft-Medium-Firm

    To book with Cristina

    Cristina is at the clinic on a full time basis – Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursday through to Saturday.

    Phone: 0438 100 988
    Email: [email protected]

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