Nisha AriyaratneRemedial Massage Therapist
    “Learn to rest not quit” is one of Nisha’s favourite sayings..  While being graciously grounded, Nisha reminds us that life doesn’t ever stop, so it is vital to learn to build in regular opportunities for your, body and nervous system to re-set and refresh, along the way.
    Nisha holds a Diploma in Remedial Massage, and has also studied Flower Essences, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Pregnancy Massage, and Fascial Release which all complement and shape her treatment style.  She has also previously completed doula training.   At present Nisha is studying Frequency Specific Microcurrent therapy, for pain and injury. 
    It is safe to say “you’ll be in safe hands” with Nisha, after ten plus years working in osteopathy clinics, she applies a non-traditional remedial massage style, not so many “elbows in trigger-points” preferring rather to engage the patients nervous system, and add magnesium oil, and flower essences where appropriate. 
    The basis of flower essences acknowledges the mental and emotional aspects of the patient, which can present as soft-tissue/body pain.  Flower essences are applied directly onto the body in liquid drop form, to address the different types of soft-tissue tension, and muscle tone.  They can also be used on specific acupuncture and energy points on the ears, aiding in de-stress.  This technique provides support for the nervous system and benefits from regularity, which builds feelings of trust and safety, leading to more effective treatments overall.
    Nisha’s favourite essence is “Purple Flag Flower” – “The essence of relief and release”
    This essence is used to bring about feelings of relaxation and unwinding, to counter feelings of rising stress. It brings relief from feelings of pressure and tightness, hence being a lovely compliment to any massage session.

    She will apply a range of approaches (mild – firm) depending on what is required, and her absolute favourite area to treat is the neck!

    She works at Melville Osteopathy on Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoon/evenings.


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