Working from Home – Challenges and Strategies

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We have been fans of working from home (or working from our favourite cafe) for a while now…and although in Perth we are incredibly lucky to be moving into eased restrictions in the wake of COVID-19…we believe things have changed for good. It is likely that remote working will become more common as we move into the future of work.

While working from home has many advantages and benefits (being able to do your laundry in between tasks is one highlight that definitely comes to mind)…it also comes with it’s challenges.

Here are the top 4 things our patients have reported struggling with and some suggestions from our team about how to dress them:

1. New aches and pains

Setting up a laptop on the kitchen bench might work for quick tasks but when you are now at home for the full work hours, it simply isn’t going to cut it.

One of the main culprits for poor posture, neck pain and headaches is computer height – make sure the top of your monitor is at or slightly below eye level and about an arms length away. So as tempting as the sofa looks as your next chosen workstation, you might want to think again!

2. Boredom and Isolation

Stress just about always adds to the burdens our bodies experiences (it can literally slow down healing processes and make pain worse). As social creatures, being disconnected from others can increase our stress so it’s super important to start making catch ups with friends (where you can) a priority item on your to-do list.

We know people who organised physical distanced walk dates regularly to make sure they were staying connected and getting some exercise too!

3. Boundaries and interruptions from family members

For those with kids in the home, this one is a kicker. Frequent interruptions kill momentum and productivity and can also lead to increased fatigue, stress and errors. It’s taxing on the brain to have to keep starting over. Boundaries and breaks are key here. Decide what length of time you need uninterrupted and then make sure when that time period is over you take a break.

Get the kids involved and make it a game to set the timer – they will know interruptions only allowed in 35 mins for example, and then do something quick and fun like a walk around the block or dance to your kids favourite tune (baby shark anyone?)

4. Overworking

Finally, it’s just so easy to turn on the computer, turn on the emails and fire up your brain isn’t it?! Keeping boundaries between work time and home time is super important for the health of your being. Make sure you have a dedicated space for work (even if it is just the corner of the room) and when you aren’t there – don’t work! Simple little tricks like logging OUT of your emails or turning your phone off for periods of time can help you begin to slow down and switch off. Your nervous system will thank you for it.

Are you still working from home? We’d love to hear how you are handling it or if there are OTHER challenges you are facing. We always love hearing from you.

Email us 😃 or head over to our Facebook or Instagram pages to join the community conversations 😃

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