Mira RaoAdministration and Marketing

    Administration & Marketing

    (B.A. French & Linguistics, Grad Dip Journalism, MBA, YA 200 hour registered yoga teacher, Dipl Meditation Teaching)

    Enthusiastic about practically everything, Mira’s personal motto is: “Let’s try it”. Mira’s ideal world is one in which people actually read the entire email you send, drinking tea and reading is a real job and you can buy cheap petrol in Perth on a day other than Monday.

    Working in Health Management since 2011, Mira also completed her MBA in 2013 – through online courses via the University of Western Australia while managing a yoga studio in Bali. Mira is passionate about the benefits of wellness clinics and practices to the general population and supporting these practitioners to have well run businesses.

    When she is not gliding about the clinic writing reports and taking photos for our social media accounts, you can find her at home stretching (forever stretching) or playing her bass guitar.

    Mira believes that alignment is as important in business practice as it is in yoga – ensuring that staff are well supported, patients are beautifully taken care of and the values of an organisation are palpable to all who encounter it.

    Mira can be found at the clinic most weekdays.

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