Dr Luke FillingOsteopath


    Luke’s ideal day is filled with cheeky jokes, even if they are bad ones. He is a happy man if there are a few laughs involved and he is also not afraid to laugh at his own jokes.

    Luke graduated as an osteopath from RMIT University, and has worked as a CrossFit coach for the last 5 years during his studies, seeing a wide array of movement patterns and advising clients on injury prevention. Luke loves helping patients achieve their goals with exercise and rehabilitation in combination with hands on osteopathic treatments.

    His interest in health and fitness stemmed from his own personal experience with injury when playing sport at a young age, which led to a passion to help others enjoy their favourite activities pain free through osteopathic care. Luke also sees the body as a whole and treats a wide range of conditions. Whether you are a desk worker, athlete or busy parent, Luke looks forward to helping you improve your health.

    In his spare time, Luke enjoys CrossFit training, being outdoors with friends or winding down with some Netflix.

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