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    Self-described as goofy (yes we do agree – it’s adorable), she’s also whip smart, kind and able to deliciously cater a staff meeting with a day’s notice. Haley’s passion for creativity, education and psychology are clear signs of her desire for a more understanding world.  She’s equally passionate about finding a way to make sure awesome books don’t get butchered in their journey to movies or TV shows. 

    Having worked in a variety of hospitality and customer service roles, Haley’s leaning towards psychology made the shift into a health-related clinic a wonderful professional opportunity. She joined the Melville Osteopathy team in 2019 and continues balancing this with her studies in Psychology, English Literature and Education. 

    When she’s not at the clinic charming patients and thinking up another practical joke, she’s in her favorite spot – cuddled up on the couch with a good book, her partner Sam and their cat or indulging in playing music, sketching or sculpture. 

    Balancing a heavy study load and part time work, Haley holds the reins at the Melville Osteopathy reception desk Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and all day Fridays. 

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