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    Elizabeth’s world keeps spinning because sunshine, sunsets, surfing, sports, sarcastic jokes and Sunday mornings continue to show up. She’s eagerly awaiting the day when speed cameras blink and she finally masters the art of the oh-what-a-feeling-toyota  side jump.

    Originally from England, Elizabeth graduated with a Masters degree from the British School of Osteopathy. She went on to work for several years in central London until she moved to Perth a few years ago seeking a warmer climate and joined the Melville Osteopathy Team. 

    Elizabeth adores being active –  kitesurfing, swimming, pilates, golf, running, cycling and she still even includes the gym on top of all that. As a result, Liz deeply understands the importance of enabling patients to return to the hobbies they love and is committed to helping them achieve this through direct hands on treatment and rehabilitation. Liz is also qualified to treat with other methods such as dry needling, K-tape strapping and visceral manipulation.

    When she’s not at the clinic treating patients and discussing the best exercises to improve posture and movement in the workplace and in everyday life, you’ll find her planted in front of the sunset enjoying a good red. 

    Treatment Style: Medium-Firm-ExtraFirm

    To book with Elizabeth

    Elizabeth treats at the Melville Osteopathy clinic on Wednesdays and Fridays.

    Phone: 0438 100 988
    Email: melvilleosteo@live.com

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