Health begins at home

 In Osteopathy

In this modern world full of information, demands and stress, wellness has become an industry in and of itself. While this is a good thing to a certain extent – to have a good life means to feel at home and as comfortable as possible in ourselves – with so much information and choice the quest to be well can be overwhelming! Overwhelm and stress go hand-in-hand so we can end up stressing ourselves out with the very things meant to help us be less stressed!

So… perhaps rather than beating ourselves up for not signing up for a gym membership, missing that last yoga class or online juice-fast detox challenge we could ask ourselves: “what can I do right here, right now?”.

As Osteopaths we take a very holistic view to health. Osteopaths are mostly known for our involvement in treating structural or musculo-skeletal issues. What is less well known is the underpinning philosophy of Osteopathy that takes into account how the health of this structure affects the functioning of the whole human. We believe that the whole body-mind system is connected. An injury in one area of the body can create pain or dysfunction in another area. What we eat can affect how we feel. What we think can affect our posture. As holistic practitioners, it is possible you might find yourself talking about exercise or diet or meditation in a session with your Osteopath. At our clinic, we are so committed to this we have incorporated other modalities including acupuncture, exercise physiology, naturopathy and massage so our clients can be supported in a truly holistic healing experience.

The interconnectedness of so many aspects of our health can appear complex but we have found that taking small actions in key areas of physical, mental and emotional health can actually be simple (yes yes, simple but not necessarily easy we know! 😉) if we focus on the here and now – what one small action can you take right where you are?

For example:


What one small change could you make today – drink a lemon water upon rising, add an extra glass or two of water during the day or eat a piece of fruit next time you feel that sweet craving…


Maybe you’re feeling slumpy because without realising you’ve been cooped up inside for hours – take a step outside and take three deliberate breaths of fresh air or lift up your arms and stretch…


Simply acknowledging what your feelings are is a key factor in emotional wellbeing that it is easy to ignore in the busy rush around that is modern life. Taking a moment to check in and ask yourself – how am I actually feeling right now – can help shift stuck energy and restore a bit of flow to your day….


Isolation can be a big contributing factor to stress – something as little as a quick phone call with a dear friend or cuddle with a fur baby can provide an instant reset to lower levels of stress.<

Mind, thoughts & meditation

Our minds can end up reflecting the chaotic and fast pace of our modern lives. Our brain is already a pretty busy organ so if we can take the load off – even for a moment, it’s going to appreciate the respite. Three breaths while paying focussed attention to the inflow and outflow of air can be enough to short circuit looping thoughts and provide a moment of peace.

Inspirational writer and poet Maya Angelou said: “the ache for home is in all of us”. Being at home means feeling safe, secure and comfortable. As humans our ultimate home is in our bodies. Small simple actions can help.

Come home to your body.

Come home to your health.

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